How else could I say that spending 4 hours at the ER was a good thing? Don’t worry she is fine. I on the other hand got to endure all the crazies that seem to migrate towards ER’s. And they all like to talk to me. I was silently cursing my decision to NOT buy an ipod last Sunday because maybe just maybe if I had one they would stop talking to me.

I did however get to watch a not so pleasant front desk nurse call security on a patient who was obviously not lucid and who couldn’t understand what she was saying. Then they threatened to kick out another patient who was trying to explain that the other woman wasn’t understanding anything. Then there was the guy coming from dialysis who asked the nurse if she could get him a beer. Oh and then I got to see a fourth patient get so fed up with waiting he used the desk phone to call 911 to get an ambulance to take him to another ER. It was a fun night.

So why do I love my sister? (other than the obvious reasons).Well while all this unfolded I got to put in some work on the Swallowtail shawl.  I didn’t finish it tonight like I had ambitiously hoped (crazy people made it hard to concentrate) but I am now down to the last 6 rows. Wheee!!

Swallowtail 3/14

And what is even better than probably finishing the shawl tomorrow night? A long weekend! I decided I needed a mental health day because work is running me ragged. It seems to take until Sunday afternoon before I start to unwind from the previous week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not regretting the promotion and in some way I’m actually glad it is pushing me since I was getting so bored before. It can just get exhausting and I’m seeing this as a preemptive measure to make sure my head doesn’t explode. Taking a day off so I don’t beat the crap out of someone is probably a very good thing.

So this Friday I have a whole day to do whatever I want.  I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Of course knowing my luck Friday will be the day my silk hankies and Artsygal sock yarn arrive…at work.

I think part of my Friday fun activities needs to be going and getting that ipod to save me from future encounters with crazies.

Here’s hoping by some miracle the Artsygal yarn makes it to my desk by tomorrow. If it does and come Sunday you haven’t heard a peep from me you know Ginger and Sharon killed me for sock yarn.