Aka the “we might get murdered here” trip. Sharon and I both forgot to take a picture of the driveway. Almost every tree was lined with a little yellow critter crossing kind of sign. Toucans (yeah right), frogs, goats, sheep, bunnies etc. All creatures were represented by the little animal crossing signs. Then there was the broken down fifth wheel and lots of windsocks, colorful banners and little animal lawn ornaments everywhere. Very bizarre.

Sadly most of the wool was just wrecked, it was either too dirty or matted. Probably the biggest shame was the amazing dark brown fleeces that were useless because half of it was sunburned. Such a shame. Even the angora mohair was ruined. I don’t think the woman raises her animals for the wool or I would imagine she would take better care of the fleece. We did find some really pretty silver grey wool that was just dirty so we grabbed a few pounds of that. On the drive back Sharon and I both agreed we could live with paying someone to process it for us. We are just not that into making our homes smell like filthy sheep. Anyone know of a good place?

However there was some serious eye candy for us. Check out the adorable kids and lambs. Some were only a few days old apparently. The brown fella with speckled ears was our favorite and check him out playing in the last photo. So incredibly cute!

Sharon's Favorite Bottle babies Lamb Baby goats Goats