I know the blog seems to be VERY spinning oriented lately but I promise some knitting has actually been happening. Maybe it is because I have a whole month before Swallowtail is due that I haven’t been putting as much time into as I should. Maybe it is because of my slightly obsessive nature, I started spinning and I feel compelled to keep going until I am actually good at it. Obsessive.

So the other night after doing a little baking (got a wedding cake tasting coming up) I decided the shawl needed some love. I had finished the main body and was ready to start the first Lily of the Valley border. I had decided to tempt fate and not use a lifeline at all for the body. I very wisely put one in before starting the border. The nupps killed me. No matter how loosely I knit them I couldn’t p5tog with my needles (Inox Express). I got through the first set of nupps after much cursing. Then while working on row 5 I discovered my stitches were all off, nothing matched.

I have to admit there was a moment of “you’ve got to be kidding me” followed by “damn I hope I put the lifeline in right”. Then it was bye bye to 4 rows. Since I couldn’t actually leave the shawl smaller than when I had picked it up that night I went back and redid those 4 rows. This time using a size 1 DPN to p5tog and then transfer the stitch to the circulars. A little tedious but it worked. The first row of nupps look pretty. And all without any screaming and tossing of shawl across the room.

I haven’t been taking many non-spinning pictures but I promise there will be some soon. It’s been dark, rainy and grey here which makes photos a little tricky.

First of all I have the rainbow roving all plied and finished. I have no clue what to do with it.

Rainbow yarn

Next up, some pink roving I dyed with the hankies. It was my first attempt at Andean plying. I only wish I had more than 13 yards of the stuff. I overspun the singles just to see the effect of the plying and I think it balanced out pretty well.

Pink yarn

And then finally something I am working on right now. I have about 4oz of this gorgeous English Garden merino roving that I bought last week. It is being spun up as a gift so I am taking my time and really aiming for a consistent yarn.

English Garden

This stuff is so nice to work with, it has been beautifully blended and isn’t matted or tangled at all. I think I got it the day the shop got it in. It feels like I haven’t had to do much predrafting. I’m sure a more experienced spinner would cringe at the way I’m spinning this up but I am going for accuracy more than speed at this point. This will be hard to part with though but hopefully it will be appreciated.

I’m off on a field trip of a fiber nature today so I will hopefully have pictures of that to show you soon.