I did the unforgivable. I broke my yarn diet. Ok granted those of you who know me probably aren’t overly surprised but still….I didn’t even make it halfway through the diet before I caved.

I blame Artsygal. It’s all her fault.

I could resist when she just sold laceweight because quite frankly I can only knit so many shawls that I will rarely wear. Socks are a whole different matter altogether. I wear socks, everyday in fact. I LOVE handknit socks even more than I love sock yarn. And you only have to look at my sock yarn stash of over 20 pairs to know how much I love sock yarn.

Check out what will soon be winging it’s way to me.

Moroccan Night Tartan

I only hope that Knitter Hell isn’t lined with Fun Fur!

But check out Drama Queen! I named that and came up with the description. Hehe