I got a little bit of spinning done last night and today so here are the pics just like I promised.

First up, the very first skein of handspun on my wheel. Rather poorly plied but I’m still proud.

Red Colonial

And then some of the sherbet silk that I spun up into singles late last night and this afternoon. Once again you have to forgive the look of beginner yarn. Towards the end I was getting really tired of pedaling away.

Sherbet Silk

I’m thinking of plying the sherbet with some darker pink once I get my order of silk hankies in. What you see is actually the darkest and most pink of the entire single-the rest is more peach colored. I’m still undecided. It’s hard to decide what to do when you don’t typically deal with those colors.

As for the blue/green silk, well it was plied and then I discovered I didn’t completely exhaust the dye so it is busy drying after another vinegar bath.

And the swallowtail is now to the point where I can start the first Lily of the Valley border pattern. Yay, progress is being made on actual knitting even with all this spinning.

No knitting was done today because I got a surprise visit from an old college friend who is in town for one day tomorrow. Once we got talking about old times and the goofy stuff we used to do he and I both came to realization that we aren’t little kids anymore. We’ve known each other for almost 14 years now and while that may mean I’m still a baby in some people’s eyes it made me realize how much time had actually passed since that first day I showed up at college as a naive and scared 17yr old. It also made me realize that spending my life planning for “one day” isn’t what I want to do anymore. It was so good to talk about what we really wanted out of life and how we wanted to accomplish it, the things we use to justify not taking that first step, etc. Chui is an great friend who I don’t get to talk to as often as I like but whenever I do I always come away feeling so motivated about the person I want to become. He is awesome that way. And ladies he’s single!