<No new pics today but there will be some tomorrow I promise>

I knew there had to be some trick to figuring out my wheel so I took it with me to VY&T today where I got some great help from Terri. Both Ginger and Sharon brought their wheels so I had some great company. And Annie graciously agreed to deck out my wheel with some of her artwork. With all the help I got wouldn’t you know it I actually spun yarn. Serviceable yarn too. Soon the talk veered towards what other cool things I could get for my wheel, hence the post title.

Once I got home I wasn’t done spinning apparently so I promptly spent the next 4 hours spinning away at the rest of my dark red colonial roving until it was all gone. I even plied it although I think I need to figure out the trick to having somewhat equal amounts on your bobbins. I still have some left on one.

Not satisfied to stop there I pulled out the drop spindle with the blue/green silk I dyed and spun, roughly divided that in half and plied that too. Lets just say I won’t be winning any awards for beautiful handspun anytime soon but I’m having fun!

Then, because I’m probably more than a little crazy I started spinning up the sherbet silk hankies I dyed this week. Boy does it go faster on the wheel! By 10.30 I was running out of steam and was only 2 hankies in, the other 4 will have to wait till Sunday. I’m actually thinking of dyeing some more hankies, perhaps in a dark pink to ply with it. I think that might be nice. Here is a sample of the sherbet silk. The one on the wheel is thinner and the colors slightly more muted.
Sherbet Silk
Any thoughts?

All in all I think I spun around 6 hours today. I think I went a little overboard. It sure was fun though. And now I need to go to bed because I’m beat.