I promise no TMI fiber related content today. I finally have pretty fibery things to show you.

First of all let me present my rainbow ball o fiber. What was imagined as a primarily white roving with splashes of red, blue and yellow turned into some seriously bright rainbow roving after steaming. Not what I intended but kind of fun. This will be perfect for practicing on my wheel.

Rainbow roving

Then because yesterday was turning into a work nightmare I rushed over to Weaving Works before they closed and picked up 10 silk hankies to dye. I saw a knitty article about much fun it was to spin these on a drop spindle and suddenly I HAD to try it. I only dyed 4 since I had no idea what I was doing. Figured if I sucked at it I could find a home for 6 undyed hankies pretty easily.

Silk Hankies

While chatting to Artsyal today I was challenged to see how much yarn I could spin with a single layer from one hankie. Spun and plied yarn. Just so you know the hankie was 3gms and I got 6 layers out of it. I can’t imagine very much yarn coming out of .5gms of silk but we shall see which one of us wins.

Oh and just so you can see what 1 layer of hankie looks like. (It really isn’t much is it)

Single layer silk

In other fiber related news, the Swallowtail shawl is coming along, 10 repeats of the body pattern are done.

It was a good fiber night if I do say so myself. And it was finished off with a slice of strawberry/whipped cream cake and a big cup o tea. I went to bed happy.

30 minutes after the original post….

I just discovered that you can’t ply silk from a center pull ball with any real ease. It likes to stick to itself. Jas, can we rethink the plied part of the challenge? Or ply two layers? Oh and another thing I discovered, I am in desperate need of a manicure, silk snags on every single rough patch of skin. On the other hand I made a really pretty ball of silk yarn barf.