For some reason I haven’t made much progress on anything fiber related. Or at least not any progress I’ve gotten around to photographing yet.

But tell me this, does this not look delicious?

Cake closeup

Sadly it wasn’t for me, it was for this cake.

Desert Cake

It’s not the prettiest cake I’ve ever made, it’s all whipped cream and strawberries with toasted coconut ‘sand’ and fondant cacti. Sadly in the picture you can’t see the sparkle dust I brushed on the cacti. Oh well.

Any vegetarians might not want to look at this next food pic. What can I say, I like my steak.

Steak and Cider

That was Saturday’s dinner which was a step up from Friday night which was a plate of leftover BBQ chicken wings I had made earlier in the week. Ah the single life. Makes for an interesting classification of what is a meal.

I promise I will have fiber content soon. As soon as I stop working from home at night to catch up on my workload. I hope that will be very soon.