Writers block for knitters. That is what I had. The continued failure to produce a decent knitted sock was starting to destroy my faith in my knitting abilities. All I could think about was having to frog one more sock and the more I thought about it the more it messed with my mind.

I tried a different tactic this weekend. I knit something completely silly on Friday night. A brown acrylic garter stitch square that I sewed into a wonton and stuffed with catnip. Nicki approved. He didn’t say so in so many words; I measured his approval by how much drool he slathered on the thing. (I learned years ago not to touch his catnip toys right after he plays with them).

On Saturday I grabbed a skein of Artyarn Supermerino (#104) with the thought that maybe it was fingering sock yarn that was throwing off my game. Almost like my sock knitting mojo needed a reboot with something of a different weight to get going again. Plus the almost instant gratification of knitting socks from worsted weight might give me that finished project glow sooner rather than later. I dubbed the socks Spring Fling for the vibrant greens that reminded me of the new plant growth that starts showing up right around now. Maybe just maybe that name would signal to my brain that my knitting needed a fresh start too.

Then on Sunday I decided against the original gardening related carpentry plan and woke up with the NEED to bake. Now keep in mind I love baking. Heck I worked as a pastry chef for several years. Before knitting I obsessed about the pastry arts. If it was a bread, a dessert or a croissant I wanted to make it. This Sunday I wanted good old comfort baking so I baked my favorite sour cream chocolate bundt cake and a batch of scones.

Did all of this work? Did I get over my knitting hump? Did the Supermerino reboot my sock knitting mojo? Did I eat an entire bundt cake and batch of scones while searching for my lost knitting vibes?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Spring Fling socks

And thankfully no.