I don’t know what is wrong with me. I have started and stopped 3 different socks since mid Jan. First it was the Blue Monday socks where the yarn failed to inspire me. Then the Happy socks where the color stranding didn’t turn out the way I imagined it would. Now the Fleece Artist Jester yarn that I have been saving in my stash for when I need a bit of fun color to inspire me is too freaking big-and I swatched damn it!

Socks were such a fun part of my knitting life last year and now it seems like they won’t even be a mild success this year. Last fall I was knitting socks at an amazing speed and now I can’t seem to get through 1 sock.

I can’t stand the thought of frogging yet another sock and winding yet another skein up just to have another false start. At this point I almost feel afraid of my yarn. Maybe I’m overthinking it but I look at the stash and see yarn I want to love and knit but I’m scared I will fail yet again.  This is also the longest I have gone in a year without an ongoing/successful project on the needles. You know the mojo is gone when you start to wonder IF you will knit again.