It wasn’t that many years ago that I could be on my feet for 12-13 hours a day running around in a hot and crazy commercial kitchen without complaint. Now either it’s age or the fact my body is acclimated to cube life but spending 11 hours at the Flower & Garden Show working the Edelweiss Perennials booth has me beat. My feet ache on a whole new level.

I was so good though. I only bought two small plants today ($10 total) but got to come home with 6 free plants for helping man the booth. We won’t even go into the money I spent on a bag of caramel corn and a loaf of double marble chocolate bread. Every girl needs a treat sometimes.

Oh and some bad news for my yarn diet. I found out Paypal is running some sort of “Spend $30, get $15 back” on any website that offers paypal online. And Blue Moon has paypal. That is like almost getting a skein of lightweight for free. Shit!

What are your thoughts? I don’t need anything and I could probably buy as a gift for someone else. I just got a big Blue Moon order in a few weeks ago however I didn’t spend nearly anything at Madrona like I had planned. And I think it’s pretty damn obvious I am looking for any excuse to buy. Help me please.