That I want to grab my postman and kiss him. Sadly (or perhaps luckily for him) I wasn’t home to assault him when he stopped by with some serious yarn porn in the making. Check out what he brought me.

Rocking my socks off Sarah's Yarn

I am one happy knittingkitty right now! Check out my flickr album for larger pics. I’ll be taking some better photos once the weekend rolls around and I’m actually home during the daylight hours.

The English Bay socks are making progress, not as much as I’d like but the sock mojo left me for a couple of days. However now I have some SERIOUS motivation to get through this pair so I think I better get knitting on those puppies.

What else have I been up to? Well this weekend I did a little roving dyeing with some decent results. Here is a photo of it soaking, the final colors were a little more muted but I think it turned out well. This will be winging it’s way to my SP this weekend (I’m only blogging about it because I don’t think she reads any blogs).


Oh and Monday night I made a “little” batch of brownies. Hey it’s a quarter of the original recipe, so what if it still used a pound of butter! The recipe is from my restaurant pastry chef days and is THE best recipe I’ve ever come across. The coworkers were happy. Heck one of them ate 4 before I even realized she had opened the box!

Brownies Brownie closeup

Finally I would like to say many thanks to Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Sarah’s Yarns for some amazing service and their excellent products.