I had a little fun getting sidetracked with spinning these last few days and I quite proud of my first dyed, spun and plied yarn on the drop spindle. It’s far from perfect and it’s definitely a beginner’s yarn but here it is anyway.

Spun yarn

I’m having fun with the spinning but for now I don’t find it nearly as relaxing as knitting so I had to go back to what I love most. Socks. I wound up my Sweet Georgia Yarn in the English Bay colorway, found a pattern in Treasury of Knitting and off I went.

English Bay socks

The colors are just what I need to pick me up, they are so bright and cheery. And I don’t even mind that the sock will have a spiral of colors on it. It looks great and the yarn is a dream to knit with.

And on a completely non-knitting note. I know some of you are Hello Kitty fans so I had to take a picture of something I found at Cost Plus yesterday (it was $10 or I would have bought it). I give you, Hello Kitty Pez!!!

Hello Kitty Pez