STR wall

While displays like this were very hard to resist I managed to leave the fiber festival with only two items. Yup you heard me, only 2!!!

Check out what managed to sneak their way past my wallet into my bag.

Peppermint Bambu

You’re looking at some Fancy Image Yarn in what I’m calling Peppermint Delight (it has no color name) and Blue Moon Fiber Arts Bambu in Lapis.

Sharon and I left the festival pretty early since we both didn’t want to buy a lot and headed back up to Seattle to Weaving Works. Then we bought roving, well ok I bought roving since she kindly agreed to teach me how to spin.

I’ll start off by prefacing this by admitting my lack of coordination, I am hardly the most graceful creature to walk this earth so mastering the whole using your feet while paying attention to your hands and what they are doing was a test of Sharon’s patience. By the end of the afternoon I had spun some yarn and plied it but it sure wasn’t pretty. It took a bath at Sharon’s so I won’t have pics for another week or so.

However it did inspire me to try the drop spindle again once I got home (and had a package of 2 spindles and a niddynoddy waiting for me). So I grabbed a new spindle, some roving and played some more. It’s still not great but having Sharon walk me through drafting on the wheel made using the spindle SO much easier. Here’s a pic of some hand-dyed roving I did this last weekend.


I’m at least grasping the concepts now and maybe with practice the yarn might actually look good. For now I’m happy to be making progress. Thank you Sharon!!!!

For now I’ll leave you with a picture from the festival that I just HAD to take. The urge to dive headfirst into the fiber was almost too much to resist. It’s about 5lbs and so squishy.

Red Fiber