For the last week I have been so excited about my drop spindle class today. Ask anyone, they’ll let you it was all I could talk about (well besides my STR order anyway). So I was all set to go this afternoon when I check my voicemail at noon. Turns out my class was at 11.30 to 1.30pm. The 2pm class was for the advanced drop spindle class. ARGHHH!!! There is no way I could get there before 12.30pm at that point. Luckily the teacher agreed to let me take the next session instead of losing out on the class altogether. The downside? It isn’t until Feb 25th!! I was so excited and now I have to wait another month? whimper whimper.

So what did I do to console myself? I made some yummy honey oatmeal bread. I’d take a picture but barely half of it is left. I’ll make more tomorrow.

Now I’m off to go kick myself some more.