Ok I’m just sick of the snow and cold. Getting around Seattle in this weather is ridiculous. I’ve lived in Seattle for over 8 years now and this is the first time I have ever seen a winter like this. Blech!

In other news….I got my Knit Picks order. Yay! Nothing too exciting and part of it made me rethink the colors I chose (you’ll see why) but since it’s for my Mom I don’t care if I think the colors are a little putrid.

KP 2 KP 1

The pink and yellow-not my style. I plan on making some modified Fuzzy Feet with these, the leg will be longer and I’ll start with yellow at the leg and fade into pink for the foot. It might be ugly.

The “normal” colors are for two Brooklyn Tweed Red Light Special hats, the original colors for my sister and the blue and white for me. Getting this package on Saturday would have been ideal so I could have started on the hats right away. As it was I had to start on something else. You saw what I did on Sunday; here is what I started yesterday.

Blue Monday

These are my Socktopia Blue Monday socks (blue yarn cast-on a Monday-I’m not imaginative right now). It may not look like much and I have to admit I’m not impressed with the color transition. I’m just starting the gusset increases and I have the beginning of the green starting to show up. Yes there is green. Take a look at why I bought the yarn. It looked so promising in the ball.

Blue Monday closeup