Well I wish I could show you the most current pic of Icarus but sadly my camera decided it wanted to focus on the couch BEHIND Icky when I took the photos so you will have to wait. I just finished Chart 3 as of 11pm 1/7/07. I’m still not gettign the # of stitches I’m expecting at the end of each chart but the pattern matches up so I’m not going to worry too much about it. Here is it towards the end of Chart 2.

Icky 1/6/07

As for my bit of genius…well combine my immediate need and my ambivalence towards most storebought greeting cards I decided to make some knitting thank you cards. All it took was printing up some wallet sized photos at W**greens, a trip to the crafting store and a little bit of glue. Add a little text and some knitting clipart (which I somehow forgot to take a picture of) and you have cards.

Knitting cards

Sadly my laser printer likes to eat anything that isn’t standard sized so the printing isn’t as smudge resistant as I would like but for a first attempt I think I did pretty good. I will definitely be making more.