So since many other knitters are tallying up their knitting FO’s for 2006 I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. I never said I was original!

Here we go:

Scarves: 2

Hats: 6

Socks: 14

Cardigans: 1 (baby sized)

Shawls: 1

Total: 24 FO.

Ok so that isn’t impressive but it isn’t terrible either. I think I took the first half of the year off from knitting since in the first 6 months I only finished 6 items. So when you figure that from July to Dec I finished 18 it sounds slightly better.

As for my 2007 goals….

Icarus shawl (already started)

1 pair of socks a month

Take part in the socknitters design challenge


Brooklyn Tweed’s Red Light Special hat

Knit a sweater or cardigan for me

Another lace shawl

Finish the Hoover blanket

Felted scrap blanket

Learn to spin.

Phew that makes me tired just looking at that list. I’m also putting myself on a yarn diet of sorts. I can make 3 yarn purchases this month (one for knitpicks, for for BMFA where I have a gift cert and then at the Madrona Fiber Festival) and then I can’t buy yarn again until my birthday in May. So all the projects I want to do in the next few months need to be done using stash. It means I will have to shop wisely this month but I think cutting off the yarn flow for 4 months will be a good thing.