For all of you who think I have way too much yarn I give you my newest yarn accessory.

Yarn storage             The Stash

 It’s still a mess right now because at 10pm last night I just threw the yarn in there, organization will have to come later. And no it doesn’t include the acrylic stuff-that doesn’t get to live in my lovely new cabinet.

The bottom two shelves are filled with scraps for my felting project so that will empty out soon (I hope).

 All I can say is that I’m glad to have the yarn off the floor where it collected dust and cat fur. Now it can hide away in a cabinet. I admit I like the shelf look because then I can open the door and feel like I’m browsing at a store. Is it weird that gives me a thrill?

 The downside to the closet? Having to organize the rest of the bedroom so I can actually use the space again. Now I have to keep it clean because I no longer have the excuse of “oh it’s just all the yarn that makes it look messy”.