Well the year is ending on so many good notes. I got the promotion at work (yay!) and I started on Icarus a whole 10 days early. I’ve made some good progress so far although each row is now taking longer and longer to get through.

Here it is on Friday night after working on it all evening. Please ignore the polkadot pj’s-it was Friday night and why bother trying to look good?

Friday night Icarus

And then 24 hours later it had become this.

Saturday night Icarus

Ok I admit it doesn’t look like a lot of progress but it’s getting there. So far I am loving the pattern and the yarn. It is so silky to the touch and knits so well-it might be that 50% Tussah Silk that makes it so wonderful.

Well I’m off to put in some cooking time for tomorrow’s Christmas lunch. Happy Holidays to everyone!