Spent another lovely afternoon yesterday having lunch with Debi and knitting at VY&T with some other lovely knitters. I might have to make going there a regular Saturday thing.

I got through my errands so efficiently yesterday that I managed to find time to head to Weaving Works. I managed to come away with only a small purchase.

Baby UllThese will be for some baby hats-pattern yet to be decided.

Rooster rock sock So far so good. I managed to get through the foot and turning the heel yesterday. Now onto the endless knitting of the cuff. I’m really glad I decided to frog and change the needle size and pattern. It’s a vast improvement over the odd spiral look I was getting originally. I can’t wait till I can place my big Blue Moon Fiber Arts order; hopefully before the end of the year.

I’m full from a steak dinner and a Hornsby hard apple cider (I wish Strongbow didn’t come in cans) so now I’m off to see if I can knit while watching the new Librarian movie.